Licensing Board

The Licensing Board serves as a regulatory board for various licenses issued by the City including licensing purveyors of alcoholic beverages.  The Board strives to issue licenses that will be an asset to the community and to ensure that all rules and regulations pertaining to licenses are complied with in order to protect the safety and health of the public. 

In accordance with Chapter 138 of the General Laws, the Licensing Board issues and governs liquor licenses for the City of Pittsfield.  Common Victualler, Lodging House, Automatic Amusement Devices and Entertainment Licenses are also issued by the Board.

            Types of Licenses issued by the License Board

  • Arcade/Family Center
  • Auctioneer
  • Automatic Amusement Devices - Pool Table, Video Games, Jukebox, etc. (Coin Operated)
  • Boat (Passenger)
  • Bowling Alley (Per Alley)
  • Conveyance Commodities (Per Truck)
  • Common Victualler (Rest.) - Food Service Establishment
  • Class I - New Car Dealer
  • Class II - Used Car Dealer
  • Class III - Junk Car Dealer
  • Entertainment - DJ, Bands, Karaoke, Live Performances, etc.
  • Fortune Teller
  • Hawkers & Peddlers
  • Innholder/Lodging House
  • Junk Dealer
  • Limo (Per Vehicle)
  • Parking Lots
  • Pool/Billiards (Per Table)
  • Popcorn Wagon
  • Sidewalk Cafe
  • Taxi (Per Vehicle) – Requires approval from the Taxicab Commission
  • Transient Vendor
  • Christmas Trees
  • Waste Collector
  • Licenses to Sell Alcoholic Beverages - All Alcoholic Restaurants, Wine and Malt Restaurants, All Alcoholic Hotels (Inn holders), All Alcoholic General On-Premise, All Alcoholic Clubs, All Alcoholic Package Stores, Wine and Malt Package Stores, Special One-day Permits.

The Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission website is: