Health Department


The mission of the Health Department, under the guidance of the Board of Health, is to assess and address the needs of the Pittsfield community in order to protect and improve the health and quality of life of its residents and work force.  This is carried out by the implementation of disease prevention programs, health promotion, community health, public outreach, education, and empowerment, as well as promulgation and enforcement of the Health Department, City, State, and Federal Regulations.


The responsibilities of the Health Department include permitting and inspecting businesses that provide services to the public to ensure compliance with state and local sanitary codes.  The types of businesses are, including but not limited to, the following: 

  • Body art practitioners and establishments
  • Camp grounds
  • Facilities selling tobacco products
  • Hotel/motels
  • Mobile home parks
  • Nursing homes (kitchens only)
  • Public and semi-public swimming pools
  • Recreational camps for children
  • Restaurants and other food handling facilities
  • Tanning facilities 

The Health Department also performs inspections of housing units for compliance with regulations regarding minimum standards for habitation.  The Department also responds to complaints of public health nuisances; witnesses percolation tests and soil evaluations; inspects subsurface sewage disposal systems; collects water samples from public and semi-public swimming pools and beaches; and investigates both food borne and water borne illnesses.  Permitting funeral directors and issuing burial permits are also duties of the Health Department.

For the well-being of the public, the Health Department also provides nursing services for communicable diseases case management, surveillance and investigation, distribution of vaccines and conducting flu clinics.  The Pittsfield Board of Health participates in the MIIS (Massachusetts Immunization Information System) as required by M.G.L. c. 111, s.24 M.  For more information contact:  The Department is also involved in emergency planning and preparedness for the City of Pittsfield. 

All housing, community sanitation, food establishments, and environmental investigation inspections and results, with the exception of medical and personnel records are all a matter of public record.  To review any of the aforementioned items, please make an appointment with a Health Inspector by calling the Health Department at (413) 499-9411.