Pittsfield Fire Department (PFD)



The mission of the Pittsfield Fire Department (PFD) is to protect the lives and property of its citizens, while providing them a high quality of emergency and life safety services.  It also provides medical services in cooperation with the private ambulance service within the city on a 24-hour a day basis.

In addition, the department provides inspection and code enforcement, public safety, fire prevention and they perform remedial actions at hazardous incidents, as well as provide mutual aid to surrounding communities, on an as needed basis.



Today, the Pittsfield Fire Department consists of the Chief, four (4) Deputy Chiefs, nine (9) Captains, thirteen (13) Lieutenants, sixty-five (65) Fire Fighters, three (3) Inspectors, and four (4) Civilian personnel.  The Pittsfield Fire Department has in place a well-planned and successful system of five strategically placed fire stations.  The District 5 Hazardous Materials Response Team is housed at the Pittsfield Fire Department, in addition to the WMTRT (Western Mass Technical Rescue Team).  It has always been, and will always remain the mission of the PFD to protect lives and property while averting tragedy.  The Pittsfield Fire Department is a highly trained, highly skilled multifaceted emergency response group that is always prepared to face any challenge.

The PFD is here to serve the people of Pittsfield.  Not only does the Pittsfield Fire Department fight fires, but it plays an active role in preventing fires, responds timely to prevent crisis situations, and saving lives.  Whenever someone calls for help for any reason, the department is prepared, able, and willing to help.


Columbus Ave FireColumbus Ave Fire

  Pittsfield Firefighters at Columbus Avenue Fire – April 24, 2013


The Pittsfield Fire Department in conjunction with the State Fire Marshal’s Office urges citizens to be smart and leave the fireworks to the professionals.  Unfortunately, the illegal possession and use of fireworks by the general public continues to rise in Massachusetts along with associated injuries.  For more info on fireworks safety and the relative laws and penalties pertaining to the possession and use of them, please visit the sites listed below:

Be Smart, Leave the Fireworks to the Professionals

Summary of Massachusetts Fireworks Law


Open burning season in Massachusetts runs from January 15th through April 30th.  We urge residents to limit open fires to cooking fires during the summer months and to please use extra care when using grills and having open campfires, fires can spread rapidly during the summer and fall months.

Visit http://www.mass.gov/eopss/agencies/dfs/ for more info and tips on preventing out of control brush fires.

PFD Supports Breast Cancer Awareness
Pittsfield Firefighters support Breast Cancer Awareness – October 2012