Fire Combat Challenge

2010 Championship Finalists

2010 Championship Finalists
(From left to right): FF Dan Aitken, FF Mitch Keller, Captain Dan Garner, FF Jim Ziter and FF Neil Myers

We are a non-profit team comprised of Fire Fighters who work for the City of Pittsfield, MA and compete in the Worldwide Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge.  We are proud to serve the citizens of our community and provide them with fire protection and emergency medical services.

Fire Fighting is both physically and mentally demanding.  As Combat Challenge Team members, we strive to increase our physical and mental capabilities by pushing ourselves to be the best possible athletes, which allows us to be even better firefighters.  We train hard, and compete even harder to stand out among the best!

About the Team

The team is comprised of every day firefighters from the Pittsfield Fire Department.  The Firefighter Combat Challenge took root in the Pittsfield Fire Department back in 1993, when Firefighters Stan Caesar, Steve Casucci, Steve Huska, Mike Polidoro, Bob Fitch and Tim Conroy ran several events throughout the region.  The members have changed over the years, but the love of the sport and desire to compete with the rest remains.

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