Online Permitting


For your convenience, effective JUNE 30,2016, the City of Pittsfield has adopted online permitting for the submittal of applications for residential and commercial permits, excavations, water and sewer /repair/replacement, occupying the right of way, driveway installation and repair, Parade Vendor Permits, Banner Permits, Septage and Industrial Waste Discharge permits and installation of water meters and backflow preventers.  

Paper permit applications will no longer be accepted as of July 15, 2016.

If you do not own a computer or if you need assistance using a computer, both are available. A computer station terminal is located on the Mezzanine level of 100 North Street, immediately to the right upon entering the Health Department.  Assistance can be obtained in the office or by contacting the Engineering office at (413) 499-9327 during normal business hours. Office hours are Monday –Friday 8:30am-4:00pm.

Applicants can mail a check payable to:  City of Pittsfield – Engineering, 70 Allen St, Pittsfield, MA 0120, or bring it to our office on the MEZZANINE LEVEL using the 10 Fenn Street entrance, or the elevator service at the front of the building at 100 North St to the Mezzanine Floor.   (Engineering is in the center of the building.)

Applicants can pay for their permit online beginning August 10, 2016.

PermitEyes Procedure:

Click here to go to the PermitEyes website login page

When you first log on, create your own account and your own user ID and password.    APPLICANTS WHO REGISTER, (this takes a few minutes) will benefit by the following:

  • Much of the information will auto-fill on the permit application after your original registration.
  • You will have an ability to view the status of their application and comments from other departments, including whether additional information is required.
  • You can edit an application before the permit is issued.
  • You will be able to add attachments (plans, pictures, specs, license(s), certificates of insurance, etc.) to the application.
  • You will now have the capability of “chatting” online directly with the Engineering Department staff.
  • You will be able to track all permitting history including which permits remain open requiring final inspections or completed.



Step 1) Pop up blockers: Pop up blockers in windows must be shutoff.  Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox are the preferable internet browser’s to use with this permit software.


Step 2) If you will be a registered user - Register with Full Circle Technologies, Inc.  Note:  If you are already registered with Full Circle Technologies, Inc. for another city or town in Berkshire County, you do not have to create a new user id.  You may log on using your existing id.


Step 3) Apply for a permit. If you do not immediately see the type of permit you want to apply for, choose GENERAL PERMIT.  This will open up a page that gives you all the choices.   It will ask for specific information, like your Digsafe number.  Remember that a driveway repair is $25, but a new driveway installation is $50.   You will have to do a separate TRENCH PERMIT when you apply for water or sewer work.    After you have filled out the required fields, you will be taken to a page where you see the types of permits.  IF YOURS DOES NOT APPEAR, click on Emergency Sewer and Water.

Press SUBMIT after completing requested information.

Thank you!