Emergency Preparedness Information

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Emergencies can happen at any time.  Take a few simple steps now to prepare yourself, your family and your community. 


Get Ready - Individual and Family Preparedness 


You can take action by developing a family preparedness plan for weather emergencies, power outages and other events.  Whether following advice to stay in your home under a shelter-in-place request or to evacuate your home and neighborhood, be informed, plan ahead, and be prepared.


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For an informative video made by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health discussing ways that families and communities can become better prepared for emergencies, visit:



Be Informed:

Communicating with family members is essential to make sure everyone is okay.  Have a simple plan in place that accounts for limited cell phone service, texting and e-mails.  Make sure everyone in your family has a mutual contact out of the region or state so that person can help keep tabs on you and your loved ones.  Sign up for emergency alerts and call 2-1-1 for information about critical health and human services available in your community.

Plan Ahead:

Think about your family’s health needs, vulnerabilities and capabilities when you make your emergency plan.  Whether you are sheltering in place or evacuating to a different location, a plan will help keep you and your family safe.

Be Prepared:

Every home should have a basic emergency preparedness kit that can be used for any emergency.  Store your kit in an area that is dry and easy to get to.  Review your kit every six months to identify and replace outdated supplies.  While some items should be in everyone’s kit, it is important to adapt the kit for the needs of you and your family.  An emergency kit will provide you with the basics in the event you are without water, electricity, or other essential services.  For more details, visit mass.gov/mema/ready.


Emergency Planning


Considerations for Individuals with Access and Functional Needs

Everyone has unique needs and abilities so preparedness plans should be unique too.  By thinking about your own situation you can be better prepared for an emergency event.  If someone else counts on you to help them with communication, medical care, transportation, supervision or other needs, please take additional steps to protect yourself and them.

To learn more, visit: mass.gov/dph/ready.