Tyler Street Transformative Development Initiative (TDI) District

In 2014, MassDevelopment created the Transformative Development Initiative (or "TDI").  The purpose of TDI was to serve as a catalyst for concentrated neighborhood scale revitalization through a wide range of approached.  The City of Pittsfield successfully applied for a district that centers on Tyler Street, connecting downtown and the City's largest employer (Berkshire Medical Center) with one of Pittsfield's greatest opportunities for growth - the William Stanley Business Park.  
TDI District Map

The City partnered with the Tyler Street Business Group and the Pittsfield Economic Development Authority to provide an overall partnership that represents public sector and private sector interests.  Once the district was selected by MassDevelopment, the first task identified was to undego the first formal neighborhood planning effort in decades.  MassDevelopment provided technical assistance to retain Elan Plannning, Design and Landscape Architecture.  After a number of public meetings and open houses, interviews and other forms of public engagement, the plan was developed and finalized in late 2016.  

Following the completion of the plan, the partnership (that now also includes Berkshire Community College, Berkshire Children and Families and Be Well Berkshires) continues its progress through a number of small and larger scale projects.  Among these projects is the work of the community at large and Team Better Block, provided as technical assistance through MassDevelopment.  Team Better Block describes themselves as "urban planning experts who unlock the interest and creativity of the public with a process that designs for community, connection, and commerce from the ground up."  This project is largely aimed at street level improvements as well as reactivating vacant spaces in a one block stretch on Tyler Street.  To learn more about the project and sign up for regular updates, please visit the Pittsfield Better Block site or the project's Facebook site.

Aside from specific projects, one of the primary benefits provided by MassDevelopment was being awarded a three year fellowship focused on the Tyler Street TDI District.  In May 2016, Amewusika (Sika) Sedzro began working in the district full time, providing even a greater focus on connecting with the community and continuing progress.  As a MassDevelopment employee, Sika provides direct contact to a wide range of resources provided by MassDevelopment outside of the direct TDI programming.  Feel free to contact Sika at asedzro@massdevelopment.com. 

A more recent benefit of the TDI District was the award of $30,000 to assist with funding a storefront improvement program on Tyler Street, which is currently accepting applications.  For more information, click here.

Please feel free to contact City Planner C.J. Hoss for more information on TDI efforts at choss@pittsfieldch.com or (413) 499-9366.

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