Brownfields Program

The City of Pittsfield is a participating member of the Regional Brownfields Program operated by the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission

The Berkshire Brownfields Program was created in 2004 when the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission (BRPC) received its first grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to conduct Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) at Brownfields sites.  Since then, the Berkshire Brownfields Program has grown to include an Assessment Program for Phase I & II ESAs and Site Reuse & Cleanup Planning, a Revolving Loan Fund for Brownfields Cleanups, and site specific Cleanup Projects.

 As a result of the Berkshire Brownfields Program, some sites have been assessed and been found to have no contamination that requires cleanup – lifting the veil of uncertainty from these sites.  Other sites now have answers regarding the levels of contamination and a plan to move forward, yet others have advanced to cleanup and redevelopment.  This program has included or led to:

• removal of debris;
• installation of fencing and signage;
• removal of underground storage tanks;
• building demolition;
• site remediation;
• and provided prospective purchasers with federal liability protections.

BRPC has prepared a guide to grants, loans, tax incentives, liability protection, and technical assistance concerning brownfields, called the Berkshire Brownfields Resource Directory. It is available for download. Also, available for download is additional information for the Revolving Loan Fund for Brownfields Cleanups.

For more information on Brownfields redevelopment please visit their web site or contact:

Melissa Provencher
Environmental and Energy Program Manager
Berkshire Regional Planning Commission

1 Fenn Street, Suite 201
Pittsfield, MA 01201-6629
Phone: (413) 442-1521, x22