Planning Projects

The City of Pittsfield has developed or participated in several long range planning projects.  Much of the City's current planning activities stem from the Master Plan, which was adopted in 2009.  The projects are organized into the following categories:

Downtown Creative District (proposed - March 2021)
Tyler Street Overlay District, Base Map, and Text Changes (approved and ordained)
Solar Energy Systems (approved and ordained)
Wireless Communications - Facilities (approved and ordained)
Wireless Communications - Siting and Design Guidelines (approved and ordained)
Recreational and Medical Marijuana (approved and ordained)

Housing Quality, Affordability and Neighborhood Planning
Housing Needs Analysis for Westside and Morningside
Tyler Street TDI

Tyler Street Streetscape and Roundabout
Bicycle Facilities Master Plan
Downtown Pittsfield Circulation Plan
Downtown Parking Plan
Bicycle Facilities Master Plan

Recreation, Open Space and Natural Resources
Bike Path Planning
Greenway Planning
Open Space Planning