Planning and Development

The City Planner and Permitting Coordinator provide assistance and technical analysis in relation to planning, land use and zoning issues in the City. The primary responsibility of both staff persons is to implement and manage the statutory provisions of State law pertaining to Zoning and Subdivisions within the City.  The City Planner is also responsible for overseeing the City's Master Plan document -- a comprehensive development guide for Pittsfield.

The City Planner and Permitting Coordinator will also provide guidance regarding the technical review process and navigating the various permit granting authorities. In addition, if desired by a potential applicant, staff will arrange to discuss a specific proposal with all appropriate City officials. The Department of Community Development also encourages neighborhood meetings to be held by a project’s proponents to address the concerns of residents who may be directly affected by the project due to proximity. Projects with proponents who have followed this strategy have experienced a less hostile atmosphere in which to do business and have generally succeeded in mitigating neighbor’s concerns about the project, thereby making for a beneficial project for everyone involved.

All correspondence to the Community Development Board and Zoning Board of Appeals should be sent to:

Department of Community Development
City Hall, 70 Allen Street, Room 205
Pittsfield, MA 01201