The Pittsfield Harbormaster directs, coordinates, and is responsible for all the navigable waterways of the city of Pittsfield.  He ensures that all waterways and town owned waterfront facilities are used in a safe, environmentally friendly and lawful manner.   

Major functions include:
AIDS TO NAVIGATION:  The Harbormaster oversees the installation of all Aids to Navigation. 

ASSISTING MARINERS:  Responds to mariners inquiries regarding lake usage.
POLLUTION PREVENTION AND RESPONSE: Responds to all pollution incidents occurring on the waters of Pittsfield as appropriate.
ENFORCEMENT:  Enforces  provisions of Pittsfield waterways bylaws, and Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) pertaining to harbors, docks, piers, wharfs and waterways, and other appropriate state Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMRs).
MOORING PERMITTING AND OVERSIGHT:  Issues and reviews mooring and raft permits each year and enforces all mooring and raft regulations.
Pursuant to Section 10A of Chapter 91 statutes and 310 CMR 9.07 of the Waterways Regulation, the placement on a temporary basis of moorings, floats, rafts held by bottom anchor and associated ramps may be authorized by an annual permit from the local Harbormaster. No other Chapter 91 authorization is required for so long as the Harbormaster permit remains valid. This provision only applies to bottom-anchored moorings, floats or rafts. No piles may be placed without proper Chapter 91 authorization from the Department of Environmental Protection's Waterways Regulation Program.

Harbormaster Rules and Regulations on residential docks;  and floating rafts and moorings

Mooring Permit application

Raft Permit application

Boating Laws (includes personal watercraft)

Boating Safety