Technical Assistance and Removal of Architectural Barriers

The City provided funding through the Department of Community Development for construction of a handicapped accessible bath in space occupied by Bellissimo Dolce in the Greystone Building on North Street. Also, the business was assisted with a Technical Assistance Grant to help with growth and expansion.


· Matching grants of up to $5,000  (up to $20,000 for state-funded program)

· Used for professional services: accounting, bookkeeping, business consulting, marketing, etc.

· Specialized technical assistance to people developing small businesses and micro-enterprises in Pittsfield

· Grants are intended for applicants of PERC loan programs

· Or for applicants of other public or private financing programs

· Designed to provide funding to businesses unable to obtain such funding in the private market

For more information, contact Laura Mick at (413) 499-9378.

PERC CDBG Technical Assistance Grant Application