Hangar Space

The Pittsfield Municipal Airport owns and operates several hangars.

Hangar 3 Conventional Approximately 4,900 sqft Leased
Hangar 4 Conventional Approximately 3,000 sqft Leased
Hangar 5 5-Bay T-Hangar Approximately 4,900 sqft Operated by Lyon Aviation
Hangar 6 3-Bay T-Hangar Approximately 3,700 sqft Unit 1 (≈ 944 sqft) – Leased
Unit 2 (≈ 1172 sqft) – Leased
Unit 3 (≈ 1172 sqft) – Leased

Additionally, some airport tenants own or operate other hangars that may be rented. Availability is generally limited but changes from time to time. Please contact the Airport Manager to inquire about current hangar space availability or to be added to the wait list if none are immediately available. Hangar renters must comply with Airport's Operating Rules and must be badged for security and access.

You may also want to consider an aircraft tie down, which are routinely available for rent.

Owners and Developers:

Demand for hangar space is constant. If you own hangar space at PSF and would like assistance finding a renter or adverting the availability, please contact the Airport Manager. If you are interested in developing additional rentable hangar space at PSF, please check out our Development Opportunities page and contact the Airport Manager.