Landing Fees:

  • Single Engine less than 5,000lbs - $0.00
  • Twin Engine less than 5,000lbs - $20.00
  • Aircraft above 5,000lbs - $4.00 /1000lbs MTOW

Parking Fees: (fees are for over 1 hour)

  • 0-5,000lbs Single - $5.00
  • 0-5,000lbs Twin - $10.00
  • 5,000-12,499lbs - $20.00
  • 12,500-54,999lbs - $30.00
  • Over 55,000lbs - $40.00

Tie Down Fees:

  • $30.00 /month
  • $300.00 /year

Other Fees:

  • Airport ID - $25.00

Fuel & Aicraft Services:
Contact the Airport's FBO Lyon Aviation for information on aircraft fuel and services.
Current Jet A & 100LL prices available on AirNav (scroll to the bottom of page).

Airport Fees are set by the Pittsfield Municipal Airport Commission and are subject to change. All fees, (except for landing and parking collected by the Airport's FBO Lyon Aviation) are to be paid directly to the airport. Payments may be made in cash or check (payable to Pittsfield Municipal Airport). Non-cash payments may be mailed to Airport Manager, 832 Tamarack Rd, Pittsfield MA, 01201 or you may contact the Airport Manager to schedule time to make your payment in person.