Current Year Awarded Contracts

Bid No. Bid Title Awarded Vendor Contract Amount
IFB#19-001 Commercial Street Drainage Replacement Baltazar Contractors $534,770.00
RFQ#19-001 Flooring Installation in Crosby Rooms 27-28-B6 Hamilton Flooring $15,888.00
IFB#19-002 Window Replacement at Pecks Rd Fire Station OMAI,Inc. d/b/a Thermo Expert $89,325.00
IFB#19-003 As-Needed Telecomunication Installation and Repairs Amentitek, Inc.  $74,810.00
RFP#19-004 Auction Services for Tax Title Liens Strategic Auction Alliance  
RFQ#19-005 Re-Quote Pedestrian Improvements LB Corporation $46,750.00
IFB#19-006 Handicap Structural Repairs at PHS LaRochelle Construction $94,000.00
RFQ#19-006 Court Repairs at Various Parks Copeland Coating Company $35,750.00
IFB#19-007  FY19 Measure & List Services Tyler Technologies $400,000.00
RFQ#19-007 Replacement of Partial Waterline at Tyler & Plunkett Streets Lenox Construction Company $35,470.00
IFB#19-008 Grass & Brush Cutting at Dams & Easements for Two Years Always Growing Landscaping, Inc. $47,000.00
RFQ#19-008 Laser Scanner for PPD Maine Technical Source $39,524.14
IFB#19-009 Uniform Service New England Uniforms $74,061.00
RFQ#19-009 Appraisal of Lakeway Drive Bridge Crowley & Associates $13,100.00
IFB#19-010 Rooftop HVAC Units at Morningside School Technology International Inc.  $68,548.00
RFQ#19-010 Bike Path ROW Apraisals Wilkinson Appraisal Associates, Inc. $11,200.00
IFB#19-013 Holiday Decorations Downtown Decorations Inc.  $112,490.00
RFQ#19-013 Turn Out Gear 5-Alarm Fire Sales $16,066.00
IFB#19-014 WWTP Nutrient Removal Project Methuen Construction Co, Inc. $51,423,287.00
RFQ#19-014 RE-Bid 2019 Herbicide Treatment at Onota Lake Solitude Lake Management $32,225.00
RFP#19-015 Designer Services for Springside House Evelyn Cole Smith Architects, LLC $17,320.00
IFB#19-016 Animal Shelter Services for 3 years Berkshire Humane Society $156,000.00
IFB#19-017 Tennis Court Surfce Repairs Copeland Coating Company $60,000.00
IFB#19-018 Re-tubing#3 Boilers  at PHS  Dillon Boilers Services Co, Inc. $67,450.00
IFB#19-019 Streetlight & Traffic Signal Maintenance for 3 years Lapinski Electric, Inc.  $338,820.00
IFB#19-020 Winter Rock Salt Johns Building Supply Co. Inc. $184,800.00
IFB#19-022 Cleveland Diversion Structure Maintenance J.H. Maxymillian $527,166.40
IFB#19-024 Durant Park Restroom/Bandstand Renovation J&M Geary Construction, Inc. $115,336.00
IFB#19-025 Sanitary Sewer Rehabiliation -Phase 3 Wm. J. Keller Construction Company $774,456.00
IFB#19-027 Demolition of Residential Properties Associated Building Wreckers $193,043.00
IFB#19-028 Boiler Maintenance & Repairs Services Pittsfield Pipers $124,800.00
IFB#19-031 Re-Bid Chimney Liner at Reid Middle School M & W Heating, Inc. $80,664.00
IFB#19-032 Demolition of Columbus Ave. Parking Garage J.H. Maxymillian $1,071,667.85
IFB#19-033 Plunkett Street Waterline & Sidewalk Project MASS-West Corporation, Inc. $102,606.00
IFB#19-034 Elevator Repairs at Crosby Bay State Elevator Company $95,106.00
RFP#19-035 Community Gardner Services for Three Years Windy Ridge Farm and Services $60,000.00
IFB#19-036 Gordon & Deming Site Development MASS-West Corporation, Inc. $286,287.50