Syringe Disposal


Sharps Disposal Program:   

The Berkshire Medical Neighborhood Health Center, located at 510 North Street, Door # 6, Suite B2, Pittsfield accepts used syringes and other devices that puncture the skin, otherwise known as “Sharps” for proper disposal.

Individuals using the disposal service must bring all sharps in a puncture-resistant container, such as approved sharps containers, clear soda or water bottles, or juice bottles.  The Health Center is unable to accept any syringes or sharps in glass containers, paper or plastic bags, or any loose syringes or sharps.  There is no fee for disposal.

Sharps can be dropped off Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM.  Please call (413) 447-2516 to request additional drop off times.

To report a discarded syringe/needle in the community: 
During business hours:

Contact the Pittsfiled Health Department, 413-499-9411.
After business  hours:
Action Ambulance, 413-455-5355 or
County Ambulance, 413-499-2527

Needle stick injuries have a risk contracting blood-bourne diseases such as AIDS (HIV virus), Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C as well as other diseases such as tetanus. Avoid contact with a discarded needle and request collection by Health Department or ambulance personnel.