Director of Community Development
Deanna L. Ruffer
Telephone: 413-499-9368

Business Development Manager
Michael Coakley
Telephone: 413-499-9368

Community Development & Housing Program Manager
Justine Dodds
Telephone: 413-499-9358

Community Development Account Clerk
Christina Botz
Telephone: 413-499-9450

Administrative Coordinator
Theodore Kozlowski
Telephone 413-499-9451

Housing Specialist and Fair Housing Officer
Heni Harvender
Telephone: 413-499-9367

Administrative Assistant
Telephone: 413-499-9368

Community Development Specialist– HC Access Loans, Trees, Sidewalks, Special Projects, Downtown Streetscape
Laura L. Mick
Telephone: 413-499-9378

Rehabilitation Specialist
John Carchedi
Telephone: 413-499-9452

City Planner
Cornelius J. Hoss, AICP
Telephone: 413-499-9366

Permitting Coordinator
Nate Joyner
Telephone: 413-448-9673

Park, Open Space and Natural Resource Program Manager
James McGrath, CPRP
Telephone: 413-499-9344

Recreation Activities Coordinator
Becky Manship
Telephone: 413-499-9371