Welcome, the information given has been developed for any person or group of people who would like to hold an event in the City of Pittsfield located on public or private property.

A Special Event is any activity that occurs upon public or private property that effects the ordinary use of parks, playgrounds, beaches, fields, buildings, public streets, right-of-way, or sidewalks and it may feature entertainment, amusements, food and non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages.  Examples of a Special Event include (but are not limited to) festivals, road races, Farmer’s Markets, block parties, carnivals and parades.


1.      I want to hold a Special Event in Pittsfield, where do I begin? You begin by either downloading the checklist & application from the link below or contacting following offices at City Hall: Licensing Board - Myla Franklin - (413) 499-9363 Parks & Recreation - Becky Manship - (413) 499-9370

2.      Is there a fee associated with the application process? No, there is not because there may be fees needed in the various departments.

3.      Who can I contact if I have any additional questions/concerns? Please feel free to contact either Myla Franklin at (413) 499-9363 or Becky Manship at (413) 499-9370.

Vendors must have a Hawker & Peddler license from the Commonwealth of Mass and then register that license with the City of Pittsfield.

Hawker & Peddler Application

City Hall hours are:  Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:00pm

Again, thank you for holding your event here in Pittsfield, MA.  We look forward to assisting you in planning your wonderful event.