Dog Licenses

The Pittsfield City Clerk issues yearly licenses to individuals who own or keep a dog in the City of Pittsfield.  Licenses are issued yearly beginning April 1st

How to License

To obtain a yearly license an owner must provide a valid anti-rabies vaccination certificate and a $20.00 fee for male or female dogs. A reduced yearly fee of $10.00 is charged to owners who provide the City Clerk with a veterinarian's certificate of spaying or neutering.

You may license your dog by any of the following methods:

  1. Visit the City Clerk's Office during office hours;
  2. Complete and mail with payment a Dog License Request Form;
  3. *ONLINE through Pittsfield's online payment partner Invoice Cloud.

*Please note there is a shipping and handling fee of $1.00 per online request.  Also, you must disclose the name of your veterinary service in order to verify anti-rabies vaccination and certification of spaying or neutering.