Wahconah Park is an enclosed ballpark and grandstand on 8 acres of land located at 105 Wahconah Street in the heart of the City.  It is only 374 feet to the center field wall while right center measures 430 feet to accommodate high school football.  Wahconah Park was built before the advent of night baseball, with home plate facing the setting sun, which results in "sun delays" several times a season.  The name Wahconah comes from a Mohican legend of an Indian maiden. 

The first game, Pittsfield vs. Albany NY Gises, was seen by around 500 people on August 9, 1892.  Pittsfield won the game 12-1.  The Park has been host to baseball ever since, from semi-pro teams to affiliated baseball, independent league baseball and now collegiate baseball.  Abandoned by the New York-Penn League at the end of the 2001 season, it is now home to the FCBL's Pittsfield Suns.

It has been used by numerous and groups and organizations for such events ranging from vintage baseball to live concerts featuring such names as Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson and most recently Berkshire Women's Muse Fest featuring Suzanne Vega.  Wahconah Park has been designated as being on the National Historic Register as of June 2005.

The park is available for use by organizations or groups when the facility is not being used for baseball in the spring and summer or football in the fall.

In addition to rental fees, there may be additional charges for the services of City personnel that may be required.  The Building & Grounds Maintenance Department will determine if the services of a fireman, police officer, electrician, sound person, light person, or custodian are required.  The services of such personnel, if required, are to be paid at the rate of 1 ½ times their normal rate with a minimum of three hours pay.  The users of the facilities will be required to submit all of the forms in Wahconah Park Rental Packet to the office of the Director of Building Maintenance prior to reservations being made for such use.  Prior Park Commission approval is required to use this facility.  Pittsfield has developed a Special Event Checklist and Application Packet to help you plan out the logistics of your event.   Event sponsors are responsible for obtaining all proper licenses and permits, and abiding by the rules listed on said licenses.