Current Year Awarded Contracts

Bid No. Bid Title Awarded Vendor Contract Amount
IFB#16-045 PHS Stage Lighting Gable Electric , Inc $282,900.00
RFP#17-002 On Line Bill Pay Services Invoice Cloud  
RFQ#17-003 Mowing/Trimming Landfill for 2yrs Always Growing Lanscaping Inc $11,250.00
IFB#17-003 Fire Department Turnout Gear Municipal Emergency Services, Incorporated $55,361.06
IFB#17-004 Mercer Boiler Replacement Cardillo Mechanical Contracting, Inc $67,499.00
IFB#17-005 Boiler Maintenance & Repair Services Pittsfield Pipers $114,000.00
IFB#17-006 Soil Remediation at Westside  Riverway Park Maxymillian Technologies, Inc $253,378.50
RFQ#17-006 Asbestos & Lead Abatement in Former Police Firing Range Ultimate Abatement, Incorporate $31,100.00
IFB#17-007 Sanitary Sewer Rehabiliatation-Phase II W.M. Keller & Sons Construction Corp $1,014,241.00
IFB#17-008 Springside House Stalibilzation-phase 1 Louis C Allegrone, Inc $212,000.00
IFB#17-010 Backflow Device Testing East National Water, LLC $27,500.00
RFQ#17-010 Demolition for Construction of Public Buildings LB Corporation $22,750.00
IFB#17-011 Tax Fulfillment Services Kelley & Ryan Associates Inc $60,900.00
IFB#17-013 Lease Space for Highway Department MIGE Realty, LLC $216,600.00
IFB#17-014 First Street Parking Lot Reconstruction JH Maxymillian, Inc $846,214.50
IFB#17-017 Winter Rock Salt John's building Supply Company $203,500.00
IFB#17-018 Tax Office Counter Replacement Sovereign Builders, Incorporated $56,820.35
IFB#17-019  Gunshot Identification System Shotspotter, Inc $595,00.00
IFB#17-020 Demolition of 6 Residential Properties Jay-Mor Enterprise $215,300.00
IFB#17-021 As-Needed Telecommunication Installation & Repairs Collins Electric Company $74,810.00
IFB#17-023 As-Needed Roof Repairs Douglas J. Wooliver & Sons, Inc $76,532.00
IFB#17-024 As-Needed Plumbing Repairs Charles Cardillo Plumbing Heating HVAC, Inc $7,975.00
IFB#17-025 As-Needed Emergency Tree Removal Northern Tree Service, Inc $22,050.00
IFB#17-027 Personal Property Revaluation & Maintenance Services Real Estate Research Consultants, Inc $123,550.00
IFB#17-029 FY2018 Triennial Revaluation Service Tyler Technologies $95,000.00
IFB#17-030 Roll off Vacuum Tank LMT, Incorporated $44,115.00
IFB#17-033 Installation of PA System at Crosby School Valley Communications Systems, Inc $47,276.42
IFB#17-034 Re-Bid Paver for Public Services Ambrose Euipment Company, Inc $127,350.00
IFB#17-035  Fence and Gate Work at Airport Berkshire Fence Company $155,755.00
IFB#17-036 Land Access Clearing to Siphon Locations Cain's Mechanical LLC $38,450.00
IFB#17-038 Street Improvement LB Corporation $3,070,076.35
IFB#17-040 Conte School  Flooring Replacement Scott's Carpet One $71,500.00
IFB#17-041 Refurbishment of Engine #2 Zwack Incorporated $59,795.00
RFP#17-043 Police & Fire Injured on Duty Claims Adminisitration Cook & Company $36,720.00
IFB#17-045 On-call Fire/Secuirty Repairs Lee Audio & Security Incorporated $89,760.00