Community Preservation Committee

In November 2016, Pittsfield's voters adopted the Community Preservation Act.  The Community Preservation Act (or "CPA") was adopted in Massachusetts in 2000 (enabled under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 44B).  The purpose of CPA was to enable a locally supported fund supplemented with a partial match from the state that could be utilized for projects that involve historic preservation, open space, outdoor recreation, and affordable housing.  For more information on project eligibility from the Department of Revenue, please click here.

In order to administer the fund, the City must create a local Community Preservation Committee (or "CPC"), which was created in February 2017 under Article LI, Section 2-289 of the City Code.  The Committee includes appointments from the Community Development Board, Parks Commission, Conservation Commission, Historical Commission and the Pittsfield Housing Authority, as well as four "at-large" appointments submitted by the Mayor to the City Council for approval.  The membership of the committee is as follows:

James Conant, Chair, Representative of the Conservation Commission
Thomas Cracolici, At-Large
John Dickson, Vice-Chair, Representative of the Historical Commission
Shirley Edgerton, At-Large
Alexandra Groff, At-Large
Sheila Irvin, Representative of the Community Development Board
George Moran, Representative of the Pittsfield Housing Authority
Simon Muil, Representative of the Parks Commission
Danielle Steinmann, At-Large

Before reviewing reviewing project applications, the CPC must adopt a Community Preservation Plan that outlines City goals and priorities.  As part of that process, the CPC held one public input session in September, created a public survey that received 672 responses, and held a public hearing.  Based on that input, the CPC adopted the Plan on January 8, 2018.  The final Community Preservation Plan can be found here.

The CPC solicited project eligibility applications and received 20 applications that are currently under review.  Once the eligibility has been determined for the 20 applications, applicants will be notified on how to proceed with preparing a complete application for funding.  The eligibility application and guidelines can be found here

For more information, please contact Cornelius Hoss at or (413) 499-9366.  For more information on the Community Preservation Act, visit the Community Preservation Coalition website.

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Meetings are broadcast by Pittsfield Community Television and available to watch on demand through their website.