Adopt A Park



The primary goal of the Adopt-a-Park program is to enhance the appearance, character, and quality of the City's diverse parks system.  Adopt-A-Park is a citywide volunteer program that recruits residents to assist in the general care and maintenance of neighborhood parks and other open spaces.  The Adopt-A-Park program will not be used in place of the Building and Grounds Maintenance Department's regular maintenance of the parks. Instead, this program is designed to increase citizen awareness and pride in Pittsfield's invaluable parks.

As volunteer stewards, you will have a unique opportunity to donate services to your community and enjoy the results of your hard work.  You can help enhance and maintain our public lands through clean-up efforts, weeding, painting and other projects. Your volunteer effort in our parks and on our trails increases public awareness of the importance of protecting our natural resources; generates pride in our park system; and demonstrates a commitment to your community. As a group or business, you can create a better environment for yourself and the next generation.


Adopt-A-Park's Mission

To protect and enhance Pittsfield's neighborhood parks and open spaces through ongoing volunteer support and special events, and to educate the residents of Pittsfield about the importance of parks and open spaces.

Who can adopt a park?

Anyone! Adopt-A-Park aims to unite and support all people interested in improving Pittsfield's neighborhood parks and open spaces. Our volunteers include:

  • Individuals
  • Neighborhood associations
  • Schools
  • Senior citizens
  • Youth groups, Scouts
  • Community organizations
  • Businesses
  • Church groups

What can be adopted?

  • Whole parks, or particular areas within parks such as:
  • Sports fields
  • Playgrounds
  • Courts
  • Trails

How can volunteers help?
Volunteers can care for their adopted area in the following ways:

  • Being the "eyes and the ears" of the park
  • Picking up litter
  • Reporting graffiti
  • Sweeping courts and pathways
  • Pulling weeds
  • Raking leaves
  • Caring for trees
  • Reporting park hazards
  • Engaging or assisting in special park projects

How do you adopt a park?

Simply call the Pittsfield Parks and Recreation Program.  All Adopt-A-Park requests are on a first come, first serve basis. To adopt a park:

Identify a park you would like to adopt and the type of project you would like to complete. If you are not sure what parks and trails are in your area, call the Recreation Activities Coordinator at 499-9370 for more information.

  1. Request an application packet. Sign and return the "Volunteer Service Agreement" and "Adopt-A-Park Agreement" forms. (If you are under the age of 18, you must have a parent or guardian signature on the "Volunteer Service Agreement".) You will then be contacted to discuss the project. Our staff will work with you to identify the project(s) that will provide the greatest benefit to the park.
  2. Once the "adoption" is approved, you're ready to start. Staff at the Parks and Recreation Program are available to help you with questions and concerns.

What are volunteers responsible for?

  • Volunteers are required to maintain their adopted park for at least one year.  We encourage volunteers to work at their park at least once a month, and at a minimum of four times per year.  Volunteers make up their own schedules. 
  • Volunteers must abide by all park rules and ordinances.
  • Volunteers must notify Adopt-A-Park to change specific volunteer duties.
  • Volunteers must return all supplies upon resignation.
  • Volunteers must keep track of the number of hours spent volunteering on a monthly basis and report total hours to Adopt-A-Park. Our office documents this information and tabulates total yearly hours.
  • Justifies the need for more tools and supplies when submitting budget requests to the City Council

City Support

Volunteer groups are asked to provide their own safety clothing, tools, and equipment.  But, if needed, the Pittsfield Parks and Recreation Program may be able to provide you with tools and supplies to assist you in your duties. The following tools and supplies may be available to volunteers:

  • Bags and gloves
  • Gardening tools, such as rakes, hoes, and brooms
  • Painting supplies, such as paint, graffiti solvent, rollers, brushes, and pans
  • Safety equipment, such as goggles and masks.

All tools - except bags, gloves, and painting supplies - are loaned on a checkout basis. You will be required to sign out any tools provided to you.

We Can't Make A Long-Term Commitment, Can We Still Volunteer?

Absolutely! The Pittsfield Parks and Recreation Program supports events such as one time clean-up projects, plantings, and trail maintenance projects. We also welcome financial donations which support the purchase of playground equipment, park tables and planting materials.