Apply for a Permit

The Massachusetts State Building Code, 780 CMR, divides permitting into two categories:

  1. One-family or Two-family homes
  2. All other buildings or structures

The City does not yet support electronic permit applications but you can access the pertinent documents at the links below.  All the forms in each application package must be completed. If you think the form does not apply to you, please contact us.

A copy of the City's permit fee schedule is linked to this page. The City will calculate the fee, which must be paid only after the permit is issued.

One or Two Family Properties:

If you are applying for a building permit to build, alter, repair, or demolish a building on a one-family or two-family property, choose a permit application package for that type of property. Garages and sheds on single-family and two-family properties use these forms.

How to apply for a building permit Click on this link for information on how to fill out a permit application.

Information required on a permit application This link details the documentation required with a permit application.

Permit application package to demolish a building on a one-family or two-family property

All Other Buildings or Structures:

If you are applying for a permit to do work on any other type of property, choose an "other than one-family or two-family" application package.

Application package to demolish a building other than one-family or two-family

In most cases, applications for other than one- or two-family properties will also require "construction control" documents. Click on that link for an explanation.

Massachusetts requires a Sheet Metal permit for most HVAC and duct work in other than one- or two-family buildings.

Fences & Signs:

In Pittsfield, permits are required for fences and signs. Use a regular permit application for a sign.