Rental of City and School Facilities & Parks

The City of Pittsfield Buildings & Grounds Maintenance is in charge of the use and rental of all rooms and halls in the Pittsfield Public Schools, the use of the Controy Pavilion at Onota Lake and Wahconah Park for purposes of our collegiate baseball team.  All rentals throughout the City will be reviewed that such use or rental shall not interfere with any School programs and/or other City events.  See City Code, Chapter 2, Article XXIII, Division 2, Sec. 2-121.  

All rental inquiries for the Controy Pavilion and the Pittsfield Public School Building Rentals should be directed to: Mike Dean 499-9476 Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM.  All other athletic outdoor facility (parks) inquiries should be directed to our Parks & Recreation Department at (413) 499-9370.  

A User Questionnaire and/or User Request Information Form must be completed and mailed to or brought to the Building Maintenance Department for processing.  Users will be required to sign a License Agreement and a Release/Hold Harmless Agreement and provide the City with a Certificate of Insurance, including the City as a covered party, and returned to the Building & Grounds Maintenance Department at least two (2) weeks prior to the use of the facility.  All of these forms can be found in the rental packet for the respective location.  If the event involves a school, the event organizer will be required to contact the school’s principal two (2) weeks prior to the first use of the facility to discuss the Pre/Post Inspection of the Auditorium and all general Rules and Regulations.  If this does not happen the event will be canceled.

Please refer to the individual locations for your review of the fees, regulations and applications to rent any of our City’s Facilities or Properties: 

Controy Pavilion at Onota Lake

Park Use

Pittsfield Public Schools

Wahconah Park